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B i o g r a p h y

Galo Mario Gutiérrez was born in Panama Republic of Panama,    

on August 18, 1966.

Second youngest of 9 siblings, his Father, Mario Ismael Gutiérrez, a well renowned Operatic Tenor and his mother 

Marilyn Daisy Arosemena, educator, besides giving Galo

an excellent education and values, supported him to fulfill his musical career.

His mother gave him a guitar on his 9th birthday. Learning the basics of music from his father and    brothers, but more than anything, the joy of the art, at the heart of the family. The father also founded the ’’LG’’, Los Gutiérrez, Music Academy’’.

At the age of ten he joins a church choir, and a very few months after that, he ended up directing the same choir and doing it for 13 years.

One day when practicing and studying music with his father, his brother Franz, surprised him with a very nice gift; a flute. His formal music education was at the National Conservatory of Panama and also with one of the best classical guitarist in Latin America, Francisco Velásquez at his private academy.

Galo got experience performing with the best musicians in Panama, including his own brothers Franz and Eric Gutierrez. For many years performing Latin Jazz and International styles. Later traveled to the United States of America, to start a new life accompanied by his wife of now 28 years, Gladys Mariel. Since then, one by one, many doors have opened for the musician from Panama, to unveil a story of success  from the art of music.

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